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Where futures information and education is our life. Trading commodities is not for everyone, but trading futures, options and general commodities is definitely not for the under educated and that is where LearnAboutFutures steps in. Learn detailed contract specifications, market hours, commodity history, interesting facts, trading trends and tips, and key fundamental and technical information on all your major futures contracts.

Grains, Metals, Energies, Meats, Softs and Financial markets are covered in detail here and everything on this site is FREE ACCESS! Learn About Futures has FREE unlimited instant access to a wealth of futures, futures options, and commodity contract information!

Energies Metals Grains Softs Meats
Crude Oil Copper Corn Cocoa Feeder Cattle
Heating Oil Gold Oats Coffee Lean Hogs
Natural Gas Palladium Rough Rice Cotton Live Cattle
RBOB Gasoline Platinum Soybean Lumber Pork Bellies
Silver Wheat Orange Juice


10 Year Treasury Note Canadian Dollar EuroDollar
30 Year Treasury Bond Continuous Commodity Index Japanese Yen
Australian Dollar DJ Industrial Avg S&P 500
British Pound Euro Currency Swiss Franc
U.S Dollar

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